If you liked ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT check these books out!

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Is it the most amazing episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation ever?  No, but it is the first episode and it does have it’s moments.  Some of those moments have been followed up on in various Star Trek novels.  Check it out!

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Poor Lieutenant Torres (no relation)!  Frozen by Q after only 6 and a half minutes.  He thawed out but he never truly recovered.  You can read more about his past and future in Keith DeCandido’s novel: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q&A

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This now seems old hat but it sure was cool seeing it for the first time.  Here is a list of novels where the saucer separation (or “seper” as Picard says) is used.

Encounter at Farpoint (Star Trek: The Next Generation) – The novelization of the episode explains a little bit about the history of the Saucer Separation.  It also sheds some light on the awkward manual docking scene with Riker.
Ghost Ship (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1)
Foreign Foes (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 31)
Rogue Saucer (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 39)

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World War Three and the Post-Atomic Horror.

These extremely important events seem to be hinted at everywhere throughout the 700 plus hours of Star Trek TV but I did not find much in the novels dealing with them.
Parts of the novel Federation by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens follow Zefram Cochrane soon after World War Three and the Post-Atomic Horror.  Other than that there are just bits and pieces here and there.  I recommend checking out the Memory Beta articles linked below.



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“When I was little he brought my father’s body home to us.” – Wesley Crusher

What?  I have some advice for young Wesley Crusher.  When Commander Riker, a person you have just met, asks you if you know “the Captain” I would suggest leading with something like, “My father served with him,” or “Yeah we’ve met.”  But since you brought it up, Wesley, how did your father die?  Michael Jan Freidman’s TNG novel Reunion explains how.

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Yes poor Wesley is a little awkward but when he goes to the bridge with his mother and Picard lets him look around after telling him that he knew his father I could feel the weight of the history contained in the novels.

Some of my favorite Star Trek novels feature Jack Crusher.  Of all the characters we never actually meet on the show he is probably my favorite.

Learn more about Jack Crusher in the novels listed below.

Reunion (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Q-Squared (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Losing the Peace
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Death in Winter
The Devil’s Heart (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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So Geordi feels pain with his VISOR but he chooses not to have implants?  That is a little strange.  He must be able to see some pretty interesting stuff with that VISOR to suffer so much pain in exchange.  I’m just sayin’.

In the novel Ghost Ship (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1) we learn a little bit more about the VISOR and the pain that Geordi feels.  In the eBook Star Trek: the Next Generation: Slings and Arrows #3: The Insolence of Office  we find out why Geordi finally gave up the VISOR and I think it is a really good reason.

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He isn’t mentioned by name in the episode but we all know the cantankerous old Admiral with an uncharacteristically strong southern twang.  While it is never mentioned explicitly it makes sense that humans would live longer in the 24th century.  Dr. McCoy has quite a few exciting adventures in the 24th century.  Here is a short list of some of the most memorable.

Encounter at Farpoint (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Crossover
Star Trek:The Next Generation: Tales of the Dominion War
Catalyst of Sorrows: Lost Era 2360 (Star Trek Lost Era)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Singular Destiny

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“Have the two of you met before?”

Umm… yeah they have definitely met before.  Read all about it in Peter David’s novel Imzadi (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

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Zorn – “Captain!  The Ferengi would be very interested in a base like this.”

Picard – “Fine, let’s hope they find you as tasty as their past associates.”

Well that is an interesting tidbit.  I think we all know that the Ferengi did not pan out as originally intended.  But if you read the Emissary (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Book 1) novelization you will learn about what made Captian Picard think of making this comment.

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And then there’s Q.  Q is all over the place in the Star Trek Novel Universe.  Here is a list of some of his more memorable Next Generation novel appearances.

Q-In-Law (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 18)
Q-Squared (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
I, Q (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
The Q Continuum: Q-Space, Q-Zone, Q-Strike (Star Trek, The Next Generation)
Q are Cordially Uninvited… (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q&A



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