Millennium Is An Epic Deep Space Nine Saga

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Deep Space Nine was a pioneer Star Trek series.  Ira Steven Behr and crew gave us serialized story lines, character development and expanded mythologies.  The Deep Space Nine novels followed in the pioneering spirit by continuing the story where the TV show left off.  The Deep Space Nine relaunch series which starts with S.D Perry’s  Avatar Book One is often called Deep Space Nine Season 8.

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But before there was Deep Space Nine Season 8 we had the Millennium Trilogy written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.  This epic trilogy is unique in Trek lit because it takes the characters to their archetypal extreme.  Through an incredible series of events we meet a Kai Weyoun and a Demon Dukat.  Our heroes are pushed to the very limits of their endurance and the entire arch of Sisko’s journey is examined.  Plus if you put the front covers together it make a very cool picture of the station.  I highly recommend this epic trilogy.


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