Star Trek Titan: The Next Animated Series!

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Remember in Star Trek Nemesis when Riker and Troi finally got married and went off on the USS Titan?  It was the second scene of the movie so you most likely got that far before tuning out. (Yes, I said it.)  Well guess what?  There is a whole excellent Star Trek Novel series following the intrepid and eclectic crew of the USS Titan.  Look how pretty their ship is!

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What is so fun about the Titan novels?  They explore the Beta Quadrant and deep space, which is awesome.  They also have a very interesting crew where humans are the minority.  There are some very complex aliens serving aboard this ship.  Plus the novels often feature Leonard James Akaar from the original Star Trek episode “Friday’s Child”  All of this and more make me think it would make an excellent animated show.  I bet Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes would be up for some voice acting.  Maybe Tim Russ would do it too.  (Tuvok is their security chief)

Plus they have a very cool starship.  There was a fan contest to design it back when the Titan novels were first being written.

Anyway if you haven’t read any Titan novels I encourage you to check them out.  They are wonderful.

Amazon – Star Trek: Titan (7 Book Series)
iBooks – Star Trek: Titan #1: Taking Wing – Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels


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